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meetmagic is designed for 2021 because we know how hard it is to get airtime with busy executives to tell your story.

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"meetmagic has proven to be very effective at securing meetings for me with some key businesses and most importantly with key decision makers. And there's a feel good factor about the charitable approach which makes it a great way to open the conversation"
Ian Robinson Sales Director Skyfii.io

QANTAS Talking Business with Carl Gough

Better Business, Faster.

The simple idea here is that you get to access business leaders and decision-makers while simultaneously helping them to make a positive social impact.

This helps close the gap faster on building new connections that benefit every one

Cut down on meaningless cold calls and focus on having simple conversations that count. 

" I’ve been endlessly impressed with the quality of the meetings I’ve been having after teaming up with meetmagic. The pressure is off and you can have a proper first conversation, no matter who you’re meeting. An excellent solution to an age-old problem."
Seth Cornwall Sales Director Teneo Pty Ltd 

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Hear from Netskope's Regional Account Director on why meetmagic meetings are so different, and the reason for their success.

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Utilise MDF and existing marketing budgets to generate meetings with key business leaders.


Our internal code of ethics and business practices uphold a commitment to ethical behaviour and accountability for the choices we make.

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